sullan tamil full movie online

sullan tamil full movie online

Subramani (Dhanush), known as Sullaan among his friends, is the son of a Corporation cleaner (Manivannan). A first year college student, his only objective in life is to have fun with his friends. He has a few unexceptional run-ins with Soori (Pasupathy), a money-lender who charges atrocious rates and then goes after those who fail to pay him back. But when Soori’s actions touch his own family and friends, Sullaan is forced to strike back…

Amidst much hype and expectation, Sullan starring Dhanush graced theatres this week. Does it worth the hype and hoopla is the question one would ask, after watching the movie.

Director Ramana, who churned out Thirumalai with Vijay in the lead role seems to have relied on Dhaunsh's popularity alone to pull this movie at the box-office.The only saving grace of the film is good performance by Dhanush who looks and behaves like a Sullan.

The young hero goes through the familiar grind of beating a dozen goons single-handedly, mouthing punch line dialogues, singing and dancing in exotic foreign locales. Unfortunately, a weak screenplay and poor characterization makes Sullan, a big disappointment.

Dhanush, a college student, is the son of a corporation garbage lorry driver Manivannan and lives in a slum with his sister and mother.He leads a carefree life not worried about anything or anyone, He falls in love with Sindhu Tholani and sings a couple of duets. He comes across a greedy moneylender and a don, who controls both politics and police, Pasupathy,and picks up a small fight with him. Pasupathy, in a fit of rage kills Manivannan. The rest is Dhanush avenging Pasupathy. But for Pasupathy and debutante Sindhu Tholani, Sullan is a huge letdown.

Pasupathi character is not well defined. Shown as a loan shark, he suddenly becomes a gang lord who stops auctions and kills political leader in public and at the same time he even goes on debt collection from a constable. Action scenes are most illogical with Dhanush shown flying in the air like a Spiderman. The climax fight within the jail (the same jail set in Virumaandi) between Dhanush and Pasupathi is very absurd. The entire police officers watch Dhanush kill Pasupathi.

Even songs by Vidyasagar fails to appease music-lovers.

Ramana seems to have faltered in his attempt to portray Dhanush a macho-man or a superstar. The movie is certainly worth a skip.